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Thuesen Client Testimonials

We've worked with TM since 1992 when we first renovated our old Victorian home. Since then, we've hired them for smaller jobs... some emergencies. They've always been there when we needed them... and done excellent work

Now, we're doing another big renovation due to frozen pipes this past winter. We were out of town when it happened... finding out at 2am! My husband called Kent... they went over asap. Stopped any further damage, took photos... and called us to keep us apprised--with a full report.

This is Week 2 in the process of renovating. The guys show up every day @ diligently til either 3:30 or 5:30... more often the latter. They only sit down to rest when it's lunchtime. They are pros! The work is beautifully executed... with care. Last week, they worked 6 days in a row... only Sunday off.

Needless to say, we are very happy -- even in this terrible chaos of boxes and dust and everything that doing such a big job incapsulates. But, because we can see it moving along so smoothly... no lapses (such as going off to do other jobs and leaving us in the lurch)... and because it's looking so much better... we can cope. Well, slipping out to yoga class and to the pool sure helps!

What else can I say, WOOHO!! As good as it gets! Good luck with your jobs!

- Lana L., Client

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